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经济学院讲师杨成论文在Economic History Review上正式发表


 近日,经济学院讲师杨成论文 “中国1734-1898年男性人口职业结构分产业、次级产业及分地区新估测”A new estimate of Chinese male occupational structure during 1734–1898 by sector, sub-sector pattern, and region)在《经济史评论Economic History Review)》上正式发表。



Based on the Xingke Tiben, this paper assesses the long-run economic development of China, by constructing a new estimate of male occupational structure during 1734–1898 by sector, sub-sector pattern, and region. After assessing the source’s biases, using this new empirical basis, this paper demonstrates that the national male occupational structure was nearly identical in 1761–70, 1821–30, and 1881–90, suggesting a long-lasting structural stasis of the national economy, allowing for fluctuations between benchmark dates. Within agriculture, substantial regional differences in labour organisation are revealed. Three distinct models are found: the Northern Regions model features a high usage of wage labour, the Yangtze Valley model presents a high level of tenancy development, and the Southern Regions model displays the highest share of landowners. All three models saw increasing use of wage labour in 1761–1890 and shrinking landownership in 1821–90. At the regional level, the long-run estimate for Lower Yangtze suggests that the region as a whole stagnated throughout the entire period, but the overall structural stasis hides dynamic, contrasting long-run economic change between the region’s core and peripheral areas. Comparative analysis with England further suggests that the timing of the Great Divergence between China and England took place before 1734, even in the context of the regional difference.




成,中国人民大学经济学院讲师,中国人民大学中国经济史研究中心研究员,剑桥大学人口史与社会结构史研究所长期研究成员。 毕业于北京大学、南加州大学、剑桥大学,历史学博士。 研究领域为中国长期经济发展、大分流、中西比较社会经济史,近期集中于中国长期人口职业结构史及中西长期人口职业结构比较史等。 曾获2019年经济史学会年度新人奖。杨成老师 围绕人口职业结构研究、大分流问题等主题发表多篇高质量学术论文,撰写书目章节收录于斋藤修,李·肖泰勒所编《Occupational structure, industrialization and economic growth in a comparative perspective》一书,并在剑桥大学的Core Seminar in Economic and Social History就“中国人口职业结构1736-1898与大分流”主题做专题讲座。
主讲课程包括:本科课程:《档案世界中的经济社会史》,《工业革命、大分流与现代增长》(开设于每年秋季学期)。 硕士/博士课程: 《史料学》(开设于每年春季学期)全英文课程: 《From the Industrial revolution to the Modern Economic Growth》(开设于每年七月国际小学期)。

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